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PT. KAWAJUN Indonesia

Established in 2013, KAWAJUN INDONESIA aims at the creation of a comfortable space. Through innovation in the creation of commercial and consumer interiors, our commitment is to produce and deliver quality products, and customer satisfaction The high quality of KAWAJUN products is maintained by our ability to source materials globally and to employ thorough and intensive quality controls.

Company Outline

PT. KAWAJUN Indonesia
PT. KAWAJUN Indonesia, Menara Palma UNIT #8-05
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Blok X2 KAV.6 Kuningan. Jakarta Selatan 12950
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.,
BCA Bank
KAWAJUN co, Ltd (Head Quarter) 3-15-1 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0007, Japan
  • Hotel Equipment
    Planning, development, design, manufacture and sale of interior furniture hardware, furniture, curtains, guest room furniture, buffet display equipment and other interior decorative fixtures.
  • Medical Facility Equipment
    Product development, design, manufacturing and sales of medical facility equipment, including cabinets, containers, signage stands, work tables, counters and carts
  • Interior Hardware
    Product development, design, manufacturing and sales of interior hardware, furniture accessories, bathroom fixtures and interior equipment
  • Public Space Furniture
    Product development, design, manufacturing and sales of furniture and utility equipment for public spaces, including sofas, chairs, tables, signage stands and recycle bins
  • Store Development
    Product development, design, manufacturing, sales and export of decorative accessories, display equipment, sales promotion equipment, storefront equipment and distribution systems
  • KEYUCA Brand
    Product development, design, manufacturing and retail sales of home interiors, including window treatments, furniture, tableware and interior accessories