Produce something the world has never seen

“Produce something the world has never seen”
is our product development motto, and become our principal as the driving force of the company. KAWAJUN holds more than 600 pending patents, model designs and continues to file new invention every year.

KAWAJUN is committed to be fast and flexible on responding our customer needs.

“With our horizontally aligned organization, account executives are empowered to work with representatives of every area of the company, resulting in remarkably rapid responses to consumer needs. And the uncompromising quality of KAWAJUN products is a direct result of our open internal communication and seamless operational and managerial processes.”

Brand Value

1. Customer Centric Principal

“This customer-centric philosophy pervades every facet of KAWAJUN’s operations, from development to manufacturing to distribution.”

2. One Stop Solution

“We propose the best solution with 150 thousand varities of our original products. Specifically made by KAWAJUN.”

What We Can Offer

KAWAJUN is a world leader in retail store development, with extensive knowledge, experience and production capabilities to create innovative display materials, sales promotion equipment and supply-chain management systems.
KAWAJUN’s products and services represent a comprehensive menu of solutions that includes not only wagons, stands and containers that effectively promote sales, but also shopping cart systems that connect the back-end of stores to distribution centers. Our capabilities in product development and customer support a r3ise from our long experience and extensive knowledge of the market.

KAWAJUN’s line of decorative interior hardware products enhances the creation of sophisticated living spaces.
KAWAJUN has built a loyal customer base for our decorative interior hardware products. Sophisticated design augments the highest quality materials, production techniques and finishes to produce a standard of durability that exceeds the most stringent customer specifications. In addition, aesthetic considerations and universal usability are designed into all of our products.
KAWAJUN continues to deliver the high quality demanded for today’s increasingly individualized living spaces.

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