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Project Type :
City : Bogor
Grand Opening :
Our Scope :
1. Perishable Area: Produce Wagon, Fruits and Vegetables Showcase, Poultry, Fish and Meat Showcase.
2. Non Food and Grocery Area
3. Delicatessen Area
4. Sales Promotion Area
5. Bakery Area
6. Backyard Area
7. Shopping Trolley
8. Public Furniture

Our Project at AEON Sentul Supermarket include some Interior of the Supermarket such as Perishable for Produce, Meat, and Pork, Delica for Sushi and its equipment, Bakery, and also Grocery that consist of End Gondola, Promotional Area, Rice and Egg Area, Frozen Area, Noodle and Confectionaries Area, Non Food End Gondola and Promotional Area.

Fruit Island feature of TN Wagon Series and Plastic Wicker Basket in Light Brown that can group the products based on its category.

Veggie Island features Foldable Container in Light Brown and Promort Strip to make the products eye-catching for the customers.

Bakery Area feature of Panetta Tray, ALBE Melamine Tray, Rectangle Mesh Riser and 2-Tier CA Riser L.

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