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KAWAJUN has invested vast resources to develop store logistics products that are truly original, stylish and functional. The first results were the Stock Cart series, which revolutionized not only in-store logistics, but also the entire logistics industry. Featuring their unique nesting mechanism, our cart systems fillessential roles in a variety of industries.

Stock Cart H series can be nested by lifting up the board. The nesting function allows smooth operation from receiving to unloading to storage, making the cart a key component of any logistics system.In addition, it is equipped with a pedal stopper as standard equipment. This function is to prevent unintentional movement during operation and improve safety. The corners of the main frame are equipped with rubber cushioning material, which is effective in reducing noise during nesting.

Base and End Handle: Steel (painted)
Top Board: PP
Caster: 4 φ100 Rubber Swivel Casters 2 φ125 Fixed Rubber Casters
Number of Nested Stock Carts: 4
Size when nested: 155 mm
Shelf Height Interval: 205, 200, 285 mm
Load Capacity (evenly distributed): 300 kg
Weight: 35 kg
Rubber dampers included.
End handles included.


Carry in products from distribution center to warehouse or site without transshipment. Products can be inspected as they are loaded, and then stored as needed. Since the cart has a slim shape, it will make checking and delivery easier

We are conducting a comparative experiment by loading 18 boxes (about 220 kg) of cases containing 6 PET bottles (2 L) .
・When passing through a step
・Starting to move
・Handling in corners
・Product confirmation

The six-wheeled balance cart makes it easy to maneuver.It is large and heavy, making it difficult to maneuver.
Products can be checked and removed from both sides.It is difficult to see the products in the back and take them out.
With stable H-type nesting, it is possible to move 4 units at once.It is not stable when folded into an L-shape, and only two or three units can be moved at a time.
When nesting the Stock Cart, rubber cushioning material can reduce unpleasant metallic noise.When the carts is collecting and collide with each other, it will make metal noise.


The H series Stock Carts have a top panel that can be lifted up for nesting and storage. Compared to the knockdown type of conventional stock carts, storage and management operations are easier. In particular, when used as a logistics cart, it allows for efficient loading space and smooth operation of all kinds of tasks.

It is easy to operate, just hook the top panel to the flip-up hook.

With just one action of lifting up the top panel, the center fixed wheel lifts up and becomes a 4-wheeled flexible wheel for nesting and storage, which reduces the need to bend over and allows speedy collection and assembly work. There is no need to worry about troublesome disassembly work, loss of shelf frames, or accidental falls during collection work.


Due to the characteristics of a six-wheel balance truck, most of the load is concentrated on the center fixed wheel, so the center wheel must be sufficiently strong. Therefore, we have adopted a method of lifting the entire frame instead of moving the center fixed wheel, which would reduce strength.

The fixed wheels in the center will float when the top board is raised, changing from 6-wheeled to 4-wheeled flexible type for easy maneuvering. The caster is able to 360° rotating, it can be moved freely even in narrow space.

The H-shaped frame of the base allows for nesting and storage. It can also be moved as it is.

Nesting collection can be done with the shelves hooked to the shelf frame. Since the main unit and shelves can be stored as a unit, they can be set smoothly when the shelves are used, and parts can be prevented from being lost.


The stopper function is an important feature for logistics carts.
When a cart is used for delivery, there are many situations where the cart needs to be secured, such as loading cargo onto the cart and loading cargo onto the truck. Since the stopper has to be locked and unlocked repeatedly each time, a complicated stopper method is not efficient. Our pedal stoppers can be released and locked with a single step, allowing for smooth operation without compromising delivery efficiency.
The stopper does not press down on the rubber wheel, but locks in the groove of the gear, so the rubber wheel does not wear out, making the lock less effective and safer to use.

Rubber cushioning material suppresses metallic noise during nesting. This is effective when loading early in the morning or late at night, when consideration for the neighborhood is required.

It comes with a rubber L-shaped bumper to reduce impact from front, rear, left and right. It also has a sound suppresing effect.

The pedal stopper prevents the dolly from running out of control. This allows you to work safely.

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