Store Development

About Store Development

“ Since 1968, KAWAJUN developed more than 150 thousand of innovatice products for retail market,
specifically for make your store operation better and attract your customer. ”

Boost-up Sales, Less Waste

In today’s increasingly competitive retail market, we help create distinctive sales settings for a variety of retailers, including supermarkets, department stores, drugstores and discount chains, and international brands. KAWAJUN’s products and services represent a comprehensive menu of solutions that includes not only wagons, stands and containers that effectively promote sales, but also shopping cart systems that connect the back-end of stores to distribution centers.

Sense of Comfort

Customer-centric philosophy with a wide range of variety products that focusing on how to pleased customer. Our comprehensive services to retailers encompass everything from in-store development to supply-chain efficiency management for supermarkets, department stores, drug stores and other merchants.


Store Development Product